The Lollinatrix Community

Have you ever dreamed of a place where both u18 site hosts AND web site visitors are completely anonymous? A place where freedom of speech, freedom of pictures and freedom of videos is possible? An encrypted and truly anonymous internet within the internet?

Enter this forum and read inside how you can be in that place within the next 15 minutes.

The Lollinatrix Community

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Dear visitor, welcome to the gateway of the Lollinatrix community.

I would like to define here what we mean by the term lollinatrix.

Lollinatrix is a word creation of a dominant girl under 18. The word was created so the community can refer to this type of girl with a single word without having to describe the attributes of a lollinatrix.

Rather than providing an exact image you can visualize I will provide the attributes a lollinatrix has in an item list. We will use this so we all talk about the same thing. Submissive people(this includes pre-teen boys, teen boys, adult men, as well as pre-teen girls, teen girls and adult women) describe a lollinatrix in the follwing ways:

A lollinatrix:

- is preferably stuck up and beautiful
- is under 18y old preferably between 4y and 14y
- knows she is the forbidden fruit and mercilessly takes advantage of it
- is a little brat always getting what she wants from her parent, friends, family and stangers
- knows that she has power over other people
- has beautiful feet, paints her toenails, wears sexy anklets and shoes (all of this is a bonus but not necessary to be be a lollinatrix)
- hits other people if she doesn't get what she wants
- likes to have her feet worshipped
- will make the teacher to the homework for her if she allows him to buy her used shoes from her.
- will use YOU as her human toilet

Up until now you have been visiting model sites, LG forum communities, gallery hosts and the like.
The model sites, LG communities (forums/board) all have a DNS name (domain name) and therefore the location and ISP of those service providers is known. Depending on the mood of the host, the laws of the country or corruptness of the people in the country where the website is hosted the website can easily be shut down. Freedom of speech, pictures and videos is not possible for LG lovers. You will now enter a realm where LG lovers can be free.

Tor (The Onion Router) is the only software these days that can provide truly anonymous web site surfing. I am sure you have heard of it and the chances are very high that you are already using it. But did you know that you can not only use Tor to surf the world wide web anonymously but that there is a hidden anonymous, encrypted internet (not based on IPs) withing the internet? An internet within the internet? Only very few Tor users know about this fact.

Every Tor user can host his/her own website, forum, etc easily on his/her own computer ANONYMOUSLY. Truly anonymously I mean!!!!! The webhost as well as the visitor are anonymous. That is not possible you say!? Yes it is!

What is LOLLINATRIX community about?


There are a few community on the WWW dedicated to kidfeet. They are great if not fantastic in my opinion. I am a big kidfeetlover and very submissive.
I created the Lollinatrix community as my fantasies revolved around being dominated by young girls. My priorities are foot worship/shoe worship but I dream about being dominated by a young girl(preferably u10) in any possible way. I learned that I am not the only one so I felt the need to create a community that is anonymous for visitors/host and where freedom of speech is most important. Also the community should be uncensored meaning nude girls showing feet, non-nude girls showing feet, footjobs or anything else is allowed as long as the girl is on the dominant side and not the other way around.
If you like such things and love pictures, videos and stories and most important of all want to meet like minded slaves then read the instructions on how to join below.

Download & Install The Software Tor

1) download TOR from the Tor homepage
2) Install Tor & make sure you read the section >>Warning: Want Tor to really work?<< on the same page!! (this step is very important!!!)

That is all!! You are now a Tor user. You can surf the WWW anonymously. And much much better you can surf the Tor network on which the hosts AND visitors are anonymously and sites can not be shut down by third parties.

Tor sites are slow. It can take a while until the site loads in your browser. Only surf the Tor network if you want to be completely anonymous (not if you like fast connections/downloads). Remember that these sites are hosted on Tor users' computers. If a site should be down, the user could be rebooting his computer. Try again often! Don't assume the site is gone for good. Do not use the same nicknames on the Tor internet that you use on the WWW communities.

Join the The Lollinatrix

The lollinatrix community is located at: (<----- this link only works AFTER you installed Tor!!!!!!!!!!!).
It is part of Paradise Village, a large community. You need to make a contribution to the contribution board using the template.
Read the instructions in the announcement section of the contribution board. It is very easy.

Note:Do not use the same nicknames on the Tor internet that you use on the WWW communities. This kills your anonymity!
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